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Paddy Procurement System has been nominated for SKOCH award. Please click here to VOTE.    APSCSCL - Short term e-Tender notice for supply of Non-Woven Carry Bags on the eve of Ramzan festival-2018.    Issue Gunny Bags Service has been disabled and Procurement can be done using Paddy Procurement Service directly. .    Provision of entering the Mill Closing Balance Details of A and B Registers has been changed from 31-Dec-2017 to 28-Feb-2018. Please update the closing balance details accordingly.    Any Modifications of CMR Deliveries, is now available in respective District's DM's login. Non-FAQ paddy Purchases status report is now available in Public reports of R.3.4.
Season:        Dashboard for Purchase of Food Grains for the Year KMS 2017-18 (RMS-17)
S.No Crop Type
No. of FPCs Procured and Paid Procured and Payment inprogress
No. of Farmers Quantity(MT) Amount
(Rs. in Crores)
No. of Farmers Quantity(MT) Amount
(Rs. in Crores)
1 Paddy 827 89,141 11,22,052.920 1,768.74 9,869 1,18,682.920 187.38